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Pokemon Trading Card Game Sword & Shield Paradigm Trigger Booster Box (JAPANESE, 30 Packs)

This is the fourth main expansion set of the 2022 Sword & Shield TCG, and the final main expansion pack set of the year and generation before the Scarlet & Violet TCG series arrives in 2023 (the last Japanese Sword & Shield set will be S12a High Class Pack VSTAR Universe).
This set will include Lugia V and VSTAR, as well as Regidraco V / VSTAR, Regieleki V / VMAX, and Unown V / VSTAR. 
Paradigm Trigger also includes the first ever VSTAR Power Trainer cards, Grove Tablet and Earth Tablet.
Finally, regular evolution line cards for Archeops, Beheeyem, and Medicam, as well as Pikachu Family Pokemon cards Dedenne, Togedemaru, Morpeko, and Pikachu, have been revealed. Keep an eye out for future updates!
  • 100+ collectible cards featuring new Pokemon from the Sword & Shield region
  • Includes powerful Trainer and Energy cards to enhance deck strategy
  • Stunning artwork and exciting gameplay adds depth to Pokemon battles for fans of all levels.
  • Each booster box has 30 Paradigm trigger booster packs