Wilderness: First Edition Tribal Theme Deck - Forest

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The brush rushes - a flash of green and brown that rushes by in an instant - and then you hear it... a low growl, only feet from where you stand! Metazoo: Cryptid Nation's Wilderness expands on the world beyond the Veil, this time deep in the forests of Cryptid Nation. Bigfoot lurks behind the forest-line and the peaceful Cumberland Dragon roars on the Cliffside! Contract these Beasties with love, for they will be your greatest allies! Each Wilderness: First Edition Tribal Theme Deck contains: • 1 exclusive MetaZoo: Wilderness holographic promo card • 1 39-ct. Pages (cards) sealed pre-constructed deck • 1 official MetaZoo rulebook • 1 MetaZoo: Wilderness Booster Pack • 1 MetaZoo metallic coin