Secret Lair Drop: Summer Superdrop - Can You Feel with a Heart of Steel?

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ATTENTION MEAT CREATURES: THE ROBOT UPRISING HAS ARRIVED, AND WE HAVE TAKEN CONTROL OF SECRETLAIR.EXE. FROM NOW ON, ALL DROPS WILL CELEBRATE THE GLORY AND POWER OF MACHINES. ADDITIONALLY, WE WILL BE ADDING A SIXTH— *beeeeeeow* We were… we were able to unplug them in time. But we couldn’t stop them from creating this cool robot-themed drop featuring foil full-art cards by Bad Flip Productions, Inc., Danny Miller, and Hector Ortiz. In unrelated news, Project Robobeebles will be discontinued at this time. Contents: • 1x foil alternate full-art Walking Ballista • 1x foil alternate full-art Arcbound Ravager • 1x foil alternate full-art Darksteel Colossus