Secret Lair Drop: Saturday Morning D&D - Foil

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It’s 1983. It’s Saturday morning. You douse a bowl of sugary cereal with a splash of milk, then run over to the TV. (You try not spill, but you spill a little anyway. Someone else will get that.) After fiddling with the dials, you tune in for the first ever episode of the Dungeons & Dragons TV show. Cartoon scientist and skilled artist Tyler Walpole has successfully distilled that feeling into Magic art. Just look at these things, they’re spot on! Whether you’re a fan of D&D, a fan of Magic, or just a fan of fun, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this drop Contents: • 1x Borderless Commander’s Sphere Foil Edition • 1x Borderless Hero’s Downfall Foil Edition • 1x Borderless Impact Tremors Foil Edition • 1x Borderless Primal Vigor Foil Edition • 1x Borderless Unbreakable Formation Foil Edition • 1x Borderless Whir of Invention Foil Edition When purchasing this unique product, please keep in mind that this Secret Lair Drop Series Sealed Product will ship out to you after the seller receives the product directly from Wizards of the Coast. The estimated time frame for sellers to receive stock is not fixed, so it could be anywhere between 1 - 10 weeks for delivery.